Whether you have problems with your current table booking system app, or have never used one, your restaurant may be missing out. We’ve recently highlighted how to boost your restaurant’s online presence – but with the right app, there are many other pluses too. To give your establishment the best opportunity to benefit from these, when exploring which application to go for, look for some of the following features.  

  • Transparent, low costs with no surprise charges
    However much you pay for your table booking system app, make sure you’re given the full picture before committing.
    A fixed fee, without any complex variables like ‘per cover’ charges, or other hidden charges, means you can plan with confidence. Knowing what you’ll pay for your application means you can budget accordingly without the worry of monthly variations.
  • Responsive, UK based customer support
    If your app is based in your country but the customer service team isn’t, that’s not much help if you have a question. Aim to ensure your customer support options are also UK based, just for that extra peace-of-mind. You shouldn’t need them – but if you ever do, you’ll know they’re not that far away.
  • Additional ancillary benefits
    A table booking system app that ticks all the boxes in terms of built-in features that you want is hard to find, so do your research. But one that also offers further benefits, such as free online restaurant guide listing, is even more rare. By weighing up the bonus pros and cons of your potential systems, you’ll be able to reach the best decision for your business.
  • Eliminate no shows with integrated deposit taking
    You know how damaging no-shows are to your margins – and how frustrating they are for your staff. Taking a deposit over the phone can help lessen these occurrences – but it’s also time consuming and off-putting for many customers. A table management system app that incorporates an integrated deposit taking facility solves both problems for you.
  • Quick and easy set up
    Once you’ve decided on your system, the last thing you want is to wait days or weeks for it to go live. The longer it takes to set up and start receiving reservations from customers, the more frustrated you’ll feel. Consider limiting your search to table management system apps that take fewer than 48 hours from start to taking live bookings.

Are you ready to try a new table booking system app?

Considering the number of features of any table booking system app is less important than selecting ones that will actually benefit your business.

Your restaurant needs a platform that improves efficiency, removes unnecessary tasks, increases bookings and retention, while improving customer satisfaction.

If you’re ready to talk about your requirements, or even want to try a free demonstration, please contact us.

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