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20% of bookings don’t turn up

Reduce no shows with our integrated table booking and deposits system.

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Secure your bookings and reduce no shows with SVTables integrated online table booking and deposits system.

Did you know that over 20% of bookings fail to turn up on any given night? If you’re a restaurateur, then the answer is most definitely YES, costing you a fortune in empty tables and missed revenue. Consequently, taking deposits or holding payment details at the booking stage is becoming increasingly necessary and normal for the hospitality industry.

We now have a simple yet effective payment and deposits system that is fully integrated with our online booking system. That way, you can secure covers and reduce the chance of no shows, thus protecting your revenue.


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How our table deposits system works?

Just like your restaurant, our deposits and payments system is multi-faceted, offering a range of options dependent on your needs.

Take deposits at point of booking

Taking a deposit is the most popular option of reducing no shows. A certain figure, set by you, is taken when customers book your restaurant. This amount will be shown on your admin system so it can be deducted from the guests’ bill.

Hold card details at point of booking

A second option is to take card details at the point of online booking. This can work in two ways:

  • You take card details, but nothing is ever done with this information. Simply the action of requiring card details deters no shows.
  • You take card details and charge a fee if a no show occurs, acting as a deterrent and protecting your income.

Take payment in full at the point of booking

The third and final option is to take payment in full by credit card. Typically, this is done for a specific event, e.g. Christmas Day or a live music event. This will need admin system to be able close off ‘normal’ bookings.

All of the above options give you the capacity to deter no shows, or, if the worst does happen, you at least retain your deposit or hold the ability to charge the given card. Hence securing your revenue and ensuring you aren’t left with empty tables

Deposits powered by Stripe

However you choose to take deposits, you can rest assured that all payments and payment details are secure. We process all transactions through Stripe. 

This integration is fully PCI compliant as well as flexible. 


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Payment System Catered To Your Business

While deposits and card holding are the future for hospitality venues, we know that each restaurant will be at different stages of adopting this new technology. Some will be simply endeavouring to deter no shows while others will be facilitating large scale, special events such as New Year’s Eve or weekly live music. As such, our deposits system is catered to your individual requirements, meaning deposits can be taken for:

  • All bookings
  • Certain group sizes
  • Set days, e.g. weekend bookings
  • Specific times e.g. evening service
  • Certain bookings based on special events, e.g. live music Saturdays

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Enhance the dining experience before guests even step through your door. Our deposits system not only secures your bookings but also streamlines the reservation process, making it seamless for customers to book their tables at any time. This proactive approach ensures guests feel valued and excited about their upcoming dining experience, setting the stage for a memorable visit.

Boost Your Restaurant's Online Presence

What is the cost for all this?

Our table booking and management system costs just £58.25 a month, £699 a year plus VAT. With free set up, no commission or per cover charges and no hidden bills you can account for our charge and focus on increasing bookings easily and cheaply. 
No extra costs.        No hidden charges.

This software has been a great asset, it has cut down our admin and phone calls by around 70-80% since implementing almost 12 months ago.

For more information on how our booking system can help your venue call 01253 698328 or complete the form below:

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