In 2022, a Google vice president claimed a study had shown: ‘…almost 40% of young people, looking for a place for lunch… go to TikTok or Instagram.’ But way before this, we knew that social media platforms and review apps like Tripadvisor, Trustpilot and Google Maps, were an essential part of restaurant marketing.

If your hospitality business isn’t making the most of its online presence, follow these simple tips to boost your visibility and drive bookings.

Use an online table booking system

The days of ringing up and asking for a reservation are over for a growing number of customers, who prefer convenience and efficiency.

By implementing a table booking system on your restaurant’s website, you can provide an efficient, seamless customer experience. It also frees up your staff to perform other tasks without phone interruptions, reducing admin and paper trails. And of course, the 24-hour availability of a table booking and management system means you can secure more bookings.

Opt for a solution that integrates well with your existing website, provides automatic confirmations and reminders for customers and of course is commission free and great value. 

Offer an offer

It isn’t just hospitality that is facing rising costs. Diners have also been hit with record inflation and soaring bills leaving little leftover cash for dining out or heading to your local, a scenario that has a detrimental effect on hospitality takings. 

It is therefore essential that restaurants serve up an offer to entice would-be diners back into restaurants this year. Whether it’s an early bird offer, set menu or happy hour, a good offer with plenty of promotion is much-needed in 2023. A profile on our dining guide is also a sure-fire way to boost the reach of your restaurant or bar’s offer; we can even share your offers on our social media platforms to introduce your venue and offering to a whole new audience and therefore increase your bookings and takings. 

Feature in a dining guide

By showcasing your food, drink, premises and service on a reputable dining guide, you can attract new customers.

Anything from signature dishes and seasonal specialities to latest promotions can be incorporated to strengthen your brand visibility. And ensure those updates are also featured across your social media channels for even more exposure.

Engage with your audience

You’ll know the impact that public reviews can have on the fortunes and reputation of a restaurant. But if someone takes the time to provide one, try to make the effort to respond in a timely and professional manner.

Expressing gratitude for good feedback, or honest solutions for less satisfactory reviews, demonstrates your customer commitment.

If someone thinks a business cares about them and values their opinion, they’re more likely to come back – and tell other people as well.

Show your personality online

If you have something worth showcasing, use social media to promote the aspects that make your restaurant stand out. Photo and video content is relatively quick and simple to create and can be to highlight things such as:

  • Eye-catching (or even great sounding) dishes
  • High-quality ingredients and seasonal produce
  • Exciting or innovative cooking and preparation techniques
  • Kitchen and front of house skills and expertise
  • Signature menu items or drinks
  • Your premises, decor and ambience
  • Any charismatic, knowledgeable or entertaining team members

Ready to supercharge your restaurant marketing?

Whether you’re looking to boost your restaurant visibility online or completely overhaul your digital presence, help is at hand.

Our table booking system is employed by many leading establishments, while our dining guide is trusted by thousands of restaurants and their customers.

If you’d like to book a demonstration, or talk about your requirements with our helpful team, please contact us.

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