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Confirm your bookings and reduce no shows with Sugarvine Tables  automated booking confirmations and reminders.

We’ve all been there; you phone a restaurant, make a booking and the minute you’ve hung up you’ve forgotten what time you agreed. Or, you book a table way ahead of time then the date rolls around and you’ve completely forgotten. While this is incredibly frustrating as a diner, it can be even more infuriating as a restaurant when tables either don’t turn up or turn up at the incorrect time, either losing you revenue or disrupting your service.

Thankfully, with automated booking confirmations and reminders this can be a problem of the past for both diners and restaurants. 

When you use Sugarvine Tables as your table booking system, table reservation confirmation emails and texts come as standard. That means that as soon as a diner makes a booking, they receive immediate confirmation, enhancing their booking experience. Then, periodic booking reminders can be sent via email and/or texts, reminding diner’s of their bookings and also allowing them to cancel or amend their booking. All of this enhances the diner experience whilst simultaneously reducing the potential for no-shows, protecting your revenue. 

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How automated booking confirmations and reminders work?

Just like your restaurant, our automated booking confirmations and reminders are multi-faceted, offering a range of options dependent on your needs.

Automated booking confirmations

As soon as a booking is made, diners receive an automated confirmation via email and text; this details the reservation time, date and size. The email or text will also contain links to cancel or amend your booking helping to reduce the chance of no shows. Meanwhile, this booking and its details will automatically go into your integrated table management system, streamlining your processes.

Automated booking reminders

Customised reservation reminders can also be sent via text and/or email if required. Whether you want reminders sending at one day’s notice or on the day of a booking, we can automate this process so you can focus on running your restaurant. As with booking confirmations, reminders can contain links to cancel or amend table bookings further reducing the possibility of no shows. 

Why use automated booking confirmations and reminders?

Did you know that over 20% of bookings fail to turn up on any given night? That can mean a lot of lost revenue. 

Booking confirmations and reminders help reduce the possibility of no shows and ensure that all bookings run as smoothly as possible. Likewise, receiving bespoke, personalised reminders can set the tone for your restaurant and start that excellent customer service before your diner’s are even through the door. 


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What is the cost for all this?

Our table booking and management system costs just £58.25 a month, £699 a year plus VAT. With free set up, no commission or per cover charges and no hidden bills you can account for our charge and focus on increasing bookings easily and cheaply. 
No extra costs.        No hidden charges.
The system is working very well and has dramatically reduced the time spend booking in customers and enquiries.
Darren Johnson

Owner, Lewis' Of Grasmere

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