Following the news that Resy will shut down their UK operations, over 300 of the UK venues it works with have been left to look for a new table booking system ahead of September. Essential to bringing in covers and making bookings easier for your customers and staff, without surprising you with sky-high commission charges, choosing a table reservation system is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a restaurant. Therefore, with the UK closure of Resy, many will be daunted at having to switch to a new, unknown provider. 

That’s why we’ve made a simple guide on how you can switch from Resy to Sugarvine Tables.

A quick response

We know the Resy news will have unnerved their clients, with many worrying about making the switch to another table booking system. At Sugarvine Tables, as soon as we receive your enquiry we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, avoiding any anxious wait times or prolonging your search for a new provider.

All based in the UK, our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the features you can expect from the best value table reservation system. No waiting for a call back, no being passed from pillar to post. We can also provide you with a demo of our table booking system so you can see the benefits of our table booking system for yourself.

A quick go live

With your existing provider leaving UK operations behind, it’s important that your venue suffers little to no down downtime with your table booking system. That’s why, once we get an agreement off you to proceed and a completed venue profile and table plan, we will get you live in 48 hours. That includes getting you live with our table booking systemtable management software and a live promotion on our dining guide, Plus, with 12 months of free marketing included with Sugarvine Tables, you can expect a post on our social media channels about your venue shortly after you go live.

This swift, easy go live means you can start taking table reservations as soon as possible, saving you from losing out on those much-needed covers. Still got time left on your Resy contract? We are happy to start with work your venue out of your Resy contract and would only start the year with Sugarvine from the point your old Resy contract ceases, thus giving the workout time for free and helping you to reduce excess costs at this difficult time.

A reliable, easy to use, low-cost system

Once you are live with our system, you can start reaping its benefits!

Easy and simple to use, all booking details are sent directly across to you with full contact information, special requests and allergy information. All of this customer data is then added to your table management system so you can easily manage bookings. There’s even the option to take deposits at the point of booking, greatly reducing your chance of no shows.

The best part? Our table reservation system has no per cover charges, so you won’t be hit with a big, unexpected bill from us. All of this allows you to concentrate on running your restaurant to perfection, knowing that your bookings are fully taken care of by the best value table booking system.

Meanwhile, for your customers booking a table at your restaurant is super easy via your website, social media or, with automated confirmations and reminders sent directly to them.

take table bookings on mobile

Excellent customer service, from beginning to end

Our service doesn’t stop once you’re set up and using our table booking system. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent telephone support to our customers. Whether you have a problem, a tweak to make to your table booking system, an offer to add to your dining guide profile or maybe just a query about our table management system, we are easy to get hold of and your enquiry can be dealt with quickly.

Ready to switch to Sugarvine Tables?

If you’d like to book a demonstration, or have any questions about switching to Sugarvine Tables, please contact our team today.

For more information on Sugarvine Tables or to try the live system call 01253 698328 or complete the form below:

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