The bank holiday season is upon us and hospitality is gearing up for some busy, long weekends. Here’s how you can tackle the bank holiday rush and run a smooth, profitable service. 

Use an online table booking system

As the best value table booking system provider, you may be expecting us to lead with this one but, hear us out.

Bank holiday weekends are typically busy times for hospitality and your customers know this. Therefore, diners up and down the country will be looking to reserve a spot at their favourite pub, restaurant or bar to celebrate the long weekend.

Therefore, it is vital that your restaurant is in front of would be diners when they are looking and booking their bank holiday venues. The best way to do this? Invest in an online table booking system.

Not only will this benefit your customers as they can book whenever and wherever they like but it will also allow you to plan for the typically busy bank holidays in advance.

Fail to (table) plan, plan to fail

Once you’ve received bookings via your table booking system, then your table plan needs updating to facilitate a smooth service. Thankfully, our booking system is fully integrated with our table management system meaning bookings are automatically added to your back-end planner.

Simple and easy to use, our table management streamlines your internal processes which means a happier team and customers across the bank holiday – win:win!

Table ordering system

Want to take your bank holiday preparations to the next level? Let us introduce our table ordering system. 

Operated via a QR code on tables, customers simply scan, browse your menu, order and pay all in one easy to use system. Our table order and pay system integrates with over 50 EPOS systems so orders can go straight to the kitchen.

By adopting a table ordering system, you can take the pressure off your staff during busy periods and keep service (and customer drinks) flowing. Meanwhile, customers who order via a digital interface are reported to spend an average of 15% extra per meal, boosting your bank holiday revenue without the hard sell.

table order and pay timeline

Take deposits

A no show is bad enough, but a no show on a busy bank holiday can be disastrous. In the first instance, a no show disrupts your table plan and can result in lost revenue as it is often too late to re-book said table if the party have failed to show. Secondly, it can be a bitter sting in the tail if you have already turned away would-be diners earlier in the evening, thinking you were fully booked. 

By taking a deposit or holding card details for all bookings over the bank holidays, you can significantly reduce no shows. Meanwhile, in the event a table don’t show you have the pre-paid deposit or ability to charge the held card in order to cover some of your lost revenue. 

When you sign up for Sugarvine Tables you get a secure deposits system included as standard. Powered by Stripe, our deposits system allows you to securely take a deposit, take full payment for an event or simply hold card details all at the point of booking. It’s a simple, non-intrusive way to prevent no shows but also protect your revenue should the worst happen.

Go al fresco

Ok, so this may be a risky one if the British weather is anything to go by but getting your outdoor dining or beer garden area ready for the bank holiday season is a great way to offer extra covers during a busy period and give people an added reason to visit.

After all, there’s nothing the Great British public love more than heading outside as soon as the temperature hits 16°, so make sure you’re ready for the brave beer-gardeners and have your al fresco areas spruced up for the long weekend. And, if it rains there’s always the next one!

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Time to ‘BeSocial’

The bank holiday is all about socialising with family and friends and with that in mind it’s a key time to push your venue’s social media.

By sharing your offers, events, delicious dishes and creative cocktails on social media, you’re reaching out to a whole new audience and convincing them to take a trip to your restaurant over your competitor’s this bank holiday. It’s also well worth sharing your busy bank holiday snaps on socials as, with one bank holiday after another at this time of year, people are always looking for the next place to go.

When you sign up for our table booking system, we include FREE marketing on our dining guide. That includes a profile on where we can list your menus, events and opening times as well as sharing posts on our social channels publicising your events and restaurant to our followers, hence expanding your reach.

Now you’ve got our top tips on planning for bank holiday season, all that’s left to do is keep your fingers crossed for some Great British sunshine!

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