With the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions coupled with recent price increases in your supply chain, staff shortages and the cost of living crisis hampering custom, the hospitality industry is understandably struggling. With fewer covers, higher costs and lower profits it is understandable that restaurateurs are looking to cut costs in any way possible including axing your table reservation system. However, in these challenging times it’s more vital than ever that you have a cost-effective, simple booking system in place. Read on to see how a table reservation system is not a surplus cost to be cut but rather an indispensable revenue driver in these tough times.









Increase covers, increase revenue

By allowing your customers to book your restaurant anywhere, anytime a table reservation system is an effective way of boosting restaurant covers and in turn boosting your revenue. 

Whether diners book via your website, social media profile or dining profile on Sugarvine.com, our table booking system is a sure fire of increasing table bookings. Without it, customers are likely to drop off due to unanswered calls or messages or simply because there is not the convenient option to book ahead online at your own convenience.

Protect your revenue

Taking bookings is all well and good but you need those bookings to turn up to boost your revenue. What certainly won’t help boost your revenue is a table of ten not turning up. 

Our restaurant reservation system helps to protect your revenue once a booking is made. Using a secure Stripe integration, our booking system allows you to take deposits, hold card details or even take full payment up front all at the point of booking. 

That way if a table of diners don’t show, your revenue, or at least part of it, is protected. Without this integrated deposits and booking system it is nigh on impossible to prevent no shows and their associated consequences. 

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Free up your time

By taking your bookings and managing them in your integrated table booking and management system, the time that is usually spent answering phones, responding to messages and organising table plans is freed up. Thanks to your streamlined booking and table management processes you can spend time working on your restaurant, pub or cafe and delivering an impeccable service to your customers – both of which can give your revenue a boost.

Grow your email database

When you take a reservation online via our booking widget, diner’s details are instantly sent across to you. And, if they opt in, you can use these details to grow your email database and market to them.

This way, you can build relationships with your diners and secure them as loyal, returning customers. Plus, it gives you ample opportunity to publicise new offerings, events or menus to your growing following, again encouraging repeat bookings.

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A low cost table reservation system

Of course, even with all the revenue-boosting benefits of a table booking system you don’t want to be paying another supplier another huge, often unexpected bill. 

That’s where our low cost booking system comes in. We charge £58.25 a month for our table reservation system – nothing else. No per cover charges, no commission fees and no unexpected bills – just a one off, monthly fee. That way, you can account for our cost and see a return on investment from our booking system. 

To find out more and see how a table reservation system can grow your revenue, please get in touch.

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