The majority of table booking systems operate on a commission basis. You pay a low monthly fee and then a 20% charge per cover or booking. While it may seem obvious, we’re here to tell you why a commission free table booking system is your best option whether you are a pub, restaurant or café.

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Transparent, Upfront Fees

With Sugarvine Tables, you know what you’re getting: a £58.25 per month charge for our online table booking system. That’s it. No commission, no extra fees.

That means you can plan and account for our fees up front, an invaluable asset for hospitality venues.

If monthly fees aren’t for you then there’s also the option to pay for our booking system at the yearly rate of £699. Either way, whether you pay a one off fee or a monthly fee that’s your outgoings on online bookings done, dusted and dealt with in one great value swoop.

No Hidden Bills

No one likes a hidden bill and thanks to our commission free table booking system, you won’t get any.

With most booking systems charging a high commission charge, restaurants can be left with unexpected, high bills. Although you may only pay a low monthly fee for some online booking systems, high commission charges can result in £200-£300 extra cover charges per month. And, as we all know, hospitality is an incredibly busy industry with little time to be working out commission fees as you go. Therefore, these bills can unexpectedly rack up in busy periods leaving restauranteurs and pub managers paying way too much for online booking.


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Increase Table Bookings At No Extra Cost

All online reservation systems will claim to increase your table bookings. But, at what cost?

With our commission free table booking system you can increase bookings for your venue safe in the knowledge that you aren’t increasing your costs. When clients move to our booking system from a competitor we often find their decision to leave follows a busy month of bookings that ended up not being profitable due to high commission fees: that’s certainly not what our industry needs to get back on its feet during and post-pandemic.

So, if you are worried you are paying too much for your online booking system. Switch to our commission free table reservation system and increase your table bookings while cutting your costs.

It’s clear that a commission free table booking system is the best bet for restaurants, pubs and cafes. Venues can plan and account for the cost of our table reservation system safe in the knowledge that busy periods won’t cost the earth in commission fees. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to our commission free table reservation system today or call us on 01253 698328 for a free demo.

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