Under new restrictions to help stop the spread of coronavirus, all venues will now have to close at 10pm, dealing another crushing blow to the already struggling hospitality industry and British nightlife. We’re taking a look at how our table booking system can help venues manage the 10pm curfew and ensure maximum bookings before this time to reduce losses.

Managing The 10pm Curfew

With the government calling nationwide last orders at 10pm, pubs and restaurants must, by law, stop serving and close their doors by this time. However, pubs and restaurants don’t want to curb the dining or drinking experience of their customers by continually reminding customers of the curfew, rushing diners or turning diners away who have turned up too close to closing time.

Our online booking system can help restaurants manage the 10pm curfew in multiple ways. Firstly, you can set your final booking time through our system to give you adequate time to serve your last guests before the enforced closing time, and ensure your diners don’t feel rushed when dining with you. Secondly, we can customise your booking confirmation email to include your new 10pm closing time so guests are reminded of the curfew pre-visit, avoiding any awkward interactions upon arrival, or closing.

Overall, these two easy to implement measures on our online booking system help to take the stress of managing the 10pm curfew away from restaurants and pubs without compromising guest experience, both of which are vital in surviving these extra restrictions on trading for our industry. 














Don’t Miss A Single Table Booking 

With an earlier closing time, it’s clear that restaurants, pubs and bars are going to significantly miss out on trade. Therefore, now more than ever, every table booking counts. Our online booking system can be easily embedded on your website, social media, Google My Business listing and Sugarvine.com meaning that whenever and wherever they are, customers can quickly and easily book your venue, thereby increasing your table bookings and improving guest experience from the point of booking. 

But, it isn’t just the ease of booking through our online system that helps to increase bookings. Included in Sugarvine Tables is marketing through our dining guide, Sugarvine.com. Here, your pub or restaurant is put in front of thousands of customers looking for a venue just like yours. Plus, we’ll also share your venue on our social media channels to tens of thousands of followers and promote any events or offers, helping you to increase bookings and maximise your revenue despite the 10pm curfew. 

Adopting an online booking system can help your restaurant or bar to navigate the new 10pm curfew and help you maximise bookings during this difficult time. To find out more, fill in the form below. 

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