From table booking platforms to table management systems, it’s safe to say that technology is fast becoming a dominant force in the hospitality industry. And, with restaurant ordering systems now on the scene it can be a tough for restaurateurs and pub managers deciding what technology is worth investing in. In this blog, we’re taking a look at the benefits of a table ordering system so you can make the best decision for your restaurant.

Improve Service

Many restauranteurs are concerned that the advent of contact free ordering and payment can remove the personal touch and social interaction that many venues are renowned for. But, a table ordering system can actually improve the interaction between diners and servers and improve a restaurant’s atmosphere.

Rather than running round frantically to take orders or offer another round of drinks, servers can focus solely on delivering food and drinks and interacting with customers. Whether it be giving some extra information on menu items, taking photos for a table or having a catch up with some regulars, your servers can do what they do best: putting customers first!

Our restaurant order and pay system also integrates with over 50 EPOS systems. Therefore, orders can go straight to the kitchen streamlining your processes and reducing customer wait times.

Customer Satisfaction

The benefits of a restaurant ordering system don’t stop there for your customers…

We’ve all been there, you’re in a busy restaurant and your poor server is being pulled every which way meaning you’re having to wait a little too long to order. With a table ordering and payment system you can boost customer satisfaction by eradicating somewhat frustrating waiting times and offer your guests a streamlined, efficient service from initial ordering right through to payment.

Unlike other table order and pay systems, ours does not come with a clunky app. This means customers can dive straight in with the QR code on their table. Additionally, without a cumbersome app, users are more likely to use your table order and pay system: win-win!

Increase Revenue

Ever waited so long for that drinks refill that you end up holding off on that extra glass of wine. Or, perhaps you forgot to order an extra portion of chips and think it isn’t worth calling the server back?

With the ability to order as and when they’d like customers aren’t restricted to waiting for their server. Instead, they can order that glass of wine or add on that side of fries whenever their heart desires, increasing their overall spend. And, with add-ons and sides featured on your online menu, customers are more likely to purchase. In fact, customers that use a digital ordering system spend an average of 15% extra per meal.

But, the cost saving benefits don’t stop there. Restaurants can also save money when using a table ordering system, by reducing staffing costs, even on your busiest nights!

The Best of Both Worlds

At Sugarvine Tables, we understand that adopting new technology can be daunting, especially in the current climate. If you are worried about taking the plunge, then our restaurant ordering system isn’t all or nothing. You can run table order & pay side-by-side with your standard waiter service. Alternatively, you can even use it in certain areas such as a beer garden.

And with our table order and pay system included with our online booking system, it’s never been easier, or cheaper, to try out this new technology.

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