Yes, reducing restaurant no-shows is critical – but what about the opposite, when you’re busy and need to improve your table turnover?

The more efficiently you cater for your customers, have them leave satisfied and then welcome new patrons in their place, the more it shows in your profits.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to implement a table management system to improve planning and reporting.

Why do I need a table management system?

The most obvious benefit of a table management system is the amount of manual tasks it replaces, leaving you free to focus on your guests.

And its 24/7 availability means you can take bookings at any time online, without needing to be available to answer the phone.

Plus, the increased accuracy and reporting of your system means you can track dining durations and better manage walk-ins.

It’s also easy to tailor automated reminders for customers ahead of their reservation time, to ensure bookings are more likely to be fulfilled.

This heightened efficiency throughout your service means your staff can concentrate on keeping a steady flow of customers happy.

How does a table planner work?

Another application to improve your table turnover rate is an online system to handle bookings configurations.

An effective restaurant table planner should solve a lot of your potential problems before you even open your doors.

Features to look for include:

  • Accurate records of upcoming bookings
  • Clear and complete customer info
  • Definable parameters for table availability in terms of: 
    • Duration
    • Lateness of bookings
    • Maximum group sizes
    • Maximum number of covers in a set time period
  • Configurability of plans to suit minimum/maximum number of covers per table, or joining for larger parties
  • Easy reassignment of tables  
  • Tailored email/SMS messages for customers

Being armed in advance with accurate information to arrange your seating layouts can significantly impact your table turnover rate.

By choosing the right table planner for your business, you’ll minimise wait times for customers and speed up traffic flow.

book a tabe widget for pubs

Accurate reporting

A major advantage a table booking system can provide is data you can leverage to improve efficiency. 

The integrated analytics and reporting tools should allow you to track a number of metrics, from peak hours to customer preferences.

And by responding to these trends in advance, you can anticipate the needs of your clientele and remove obstacles to table turnover.

Feature in a dining guide

By showcasing your food, drink, premises and service on a reputable dining guide, you can attract new customers.

Anything from signature dishes and seasonal specialities to latest promotions can be incorporated to strengthen your brand visibility. And ensure those updates are also featured across your social media channels for even more exposure.

Time to tackle your table turnover rate?

You could opt for several different (and potentially conflicting) systems that could prove costly and confusing.

But why not consider a single solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing website and social platforms?

If you want to try a free demonstration, or discuss further how you could improve your table turnover rate, please get in touch.

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