Signing up for a restaurant reservation system can be daunting, especially if you are signing up for a 12-month contract. Knowing all the important information about your booking system up front is therefore critical. Here, we look at the top five questions you should ask about your restaurant reservation system before you sign on the dotted line.

Cost of the restaurant reservation software

This may seem like an obvious one but knowing, and comparing, the price of restaurant reservation systems is vital before you sign up.

While one system may appear cheaper than another it is important to evaluate not just the monthly or yearly fee but also any per-cover fees you must pay. Some table booking systems may have low up front fees but charge commission per table booking, which can prove costly, denting your profits during already difficult times for hospitality.

Likewise, it’s worth evaluating the value you get for your reservation software. Does it just include a booking widget or are extra features, such as marketing and table management, included?

This can all add up to help you decipher the best value table booking system on the market, and the best value for your restaurant. At Sugarvine Tables, our table booking system is just £58.25 a month, with no per cover charges. Plus, our system includes free marketing, a table management system and deposits functionality as well as our table booking widget making us the best-value table booking system.

How soon can I take table bookings?

Another important question to ask is how soon will you be up and running, ready to take table bookings via your new system. After all, generating more bookings via your new reservation system is better done sooner rather than later. 

At Sugarvine Tables, we can get you up and running with our restaurant reservation system within 48 hours of receiving the information we require from you. That means you can be promoting your new software and taking bookings from eager diners in just a few days.

Is the reservation software easy to use?

While extra features and advanced technology can be great assets of a table booking system, they can sometimes over complicate matters. It’s therefore important to note whether your new restaurant reservation software will be easy to use for you, your staff and your diners. This can ensure your table booking system works to streamline your process, rather than complicate them, and free up your staff as opposed to adding another thing to their already busy to-do-list.

Meanwhile, your diners can benefit from quick, efficient booking that starts their dining experience with you as smoothly as possible.

At Sugarvine Tables, our table reservation software is simple and easy to use making it the perfect choice for both your restaurant and your customers. Don’t believe us? Just check out the below review from a happy client on Trustpilot. 

So easy for staff and customers to use, table management and turning tables is now so much more efficient.

online booking system on ciao ristorante - desktop and mobile

Do you have any reviews?

Speaking of reviews, it’s important to ask your prospective reservation system whether they have any reviews. After all, who better to tell you all about a reservation system than those who actually use it. 

Reviews from third-party sites such as Trustpilot can provide valuable insight into how a table booking system is working, or not working, for restaurants similar to your own. Likewise, video testimonials or demos can also provide useful real life insight into how they system works. 

Reviews can also provide information on a company’s support. While your prospective table booking company may be all over you doing the sales process, it can be commonplace for venues to feel abandoned should they hit an issue. At Sugarvine, we offer UK-Based support with all clients given a dedicated account manager who is on hand via phone and email to offer support or answer any questions, something you can see highlighted in our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot reviews. 

Where can I take bookings?

Last but certainly not least, it’s critical to find out where you can take table bookings with your new software. At Sugarvine Tables, you can embed our table booking widget onto your website, social media and email newsletters, allowing your customers to book anywhere, anytime boosting your covers. Your diners can also reserve a table via your listing on Not only does this listing open up your venue to a whole new audience but it also allows them to book directly with you. 
Be wary of some table booking companies running Google Ads campaigns in the name of your venue that capture diners before they can visit your website. Instead, opt for a reservation system that allows your diners to book directly through you and your bespoke booking widget.

Of course, these are just a sample of questions you should ask your prospective table booking company but they should help you make the best choice for you and your restaurant. Our team at Sugarvine Tables are ready and waiting to take your questions about our restaurant reservation system. Simply fill in the form below or give us a call on 01253 698328.

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