Ah the new year, the time we all pledge to make a fresh start and fall off the wagon by the end of January. But is the new year the best time for a new table reservation system? Whether you’re switching from another table booking system or going from paper to digital, here’s why we think the start of the year is the ideal time to onboard a new reservation system.

Quieter period

There’s no denying that January is typically a quieter time for hospitality with fewer bookings. This being said, why would you consider investing in a table booking system at your quietest period? Well, a few reasons.

First and foremost, switching from a paper diary to an online booking system is a sure-fire way to increase your table bookings as would-be diners can book at their own convenience anywhere, anytime. Meanwhile, those switching from another booking system to Sugarvine Tables will cut costs and wave goodbye to any per-cover charges, saving you valuable money. This means you can increase your covers for less by adopting Sugarvine Tables which is exactly what you need during quieter periods.

Quieter periods also allow you and your staff the time to get used to our booking and table management interface meaning you can hit the ground running when bookings start flying in.

Start as you mean to go on

We all set goals for the new year. For your restaurant you may be thinking of increasing your menu, opening an extra evening, planning some events or simply posting about your delicious dishes on social media more. Unlike the usual resolutions, don’t let these fall by the wayside as your restaurant gets busy.

Instead, adopt a table reservation system early in the year to help streamline your table booking and management processes. By taking the pressure of table booking and management from your shoulders with our online reservation system, your time is freed up to achieve all these goals. And, with a profile on our dining guide included for free with Sugarvine Tables, we can even help you boost your marketing in 2023, win-win!

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Make 2023 the year of no no shows

No one likes a no show but unfortunately we can bet that your Christmas takings were marred by a few of them. This year it’s time to say no to the no shows.

When you sign up for Sugarvine Tables you get our deposits system included as standard. Powered by Stripe, our deposits system allows you to securely take a deposit, take full payment for an event or simply hold card details all at the point of booking. It’s a simple, non-intrusive way to prevent no shows but also protect your revenue should the worst happen. It’s just another reason to start using Sugarvine Tables this year!

The best value table booking system

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