As the UK faces a cost of living crisis, hospitality is feeling the brunt, with rising bills themselves coupled with diners pulling back on eating out. Understandably therefore, restaurants are looking for ways to cut back with some cutting opening hours or increasing prices in a bid to prevent shutting up shop for good. However, one thing that shouldn’t be axed is your table booking system. This is what you may expect us to say as the best value table booking software provider, but, it’s true. Read on to find out why.

Reasons Not To Cancel Your Table Booking System

Increase table bookings

In our digital age, more and more customers are looking to reserve a table for their favourite restaurant online. In fact, switching from a paper diary with offline table reservations could increase your table bookings by 20%. It makes sense given that our online booking software allows your diners to book a table with you at any time and any location, whether you are open or closed.

Therefore, while it may be needed to cut costs in the current climate, think twice before you axe your booking system as you could end up axing your covers just when you need them the most.

Reduce no shows

If there’s one thing your restaurant doesn’t need amidst soaring costs and reduced covers, it’s a no show. No shows can be costly enough going into the festive season as it is, but in the cost of living crisis they are going to hit your revenue even harder.

By using our table booking system, you have the ability to take deposits via Stripe secure pay system. Whether you take a deposit at the time of booking, hold card details to charge if a table doesn’t show, hold card details to simple prevent no shows or take the full payment for those larger Christmas events or parties, you can rest assured that our booking and deposits system is protecting your revenue against no shows.

Find out more about how our deposits system works to prevent no shows here.

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Boost your profile

Increasing your table bookings and you restaurant’s profile has never been more important. However, paid marketing is likely to be low down on the priority list when it comes to managing your budgets.

However, our table booking system comes with a free feature on our dining guide and free marketing. We’ll include your restaurant’s profile on including your booking widget, opening hours, menus and special offers. We will also share your restaurant and any offers or events on our social media channels, opening you up to a whole new audience.

But, the benefits don’t stop there. Customers can also leave reviews on your profile, further boosting your profile and encouraging diner’s to try your restaurant. Just check out these fantastic reviews against The Pheasant at Keyston’s profile.

The best value table booking system

If you are being charged per cover by your table reservation system then you’re likely facing high and unexpected monthly bills, which isn’t ideal at any point but even less so during such a tough financial time. 

Our table booking system is available at a one off fee of £699 with no per cover charges. That means you can account for our fee and reap the benefits of the best value table booking system without unexpected bills. 

Want to find out more? Contact our team using the form below; they will be more than happy to tell you more about our table reservation system. Or, try our system for free here

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