While the shift away from paper diaries to manage restaurant bookings has been largely accepted, plenty of owners are still unsure of the best digital alternative.

Understandably, the assumption that ‘there must be an app’ has led to many businesses overspending or adopting needlessly complex options.

In reality, you do not need an app to manage table bookings. Instead, a cloud based software system with un-fussy, user-friendly features is the most cost-effective solution.

pub table booking system shown on laptop

Any device, anywhere

One of the main advantages of an app is also its downfall in this situation – the fact it belongs to a single user.

Think of Spotify, Amazon Shopping, even your banking – most apps are perfect for tailoring to a single user and remembering their details.

But for restaurant table management, you may need multiple team members to access it, maybe even on more than one device.

Whether you need to use a tablet to check diners in at your front door, or a desktop to pull up analytics reports, you want a multi-user, responsive system.

The consistency of performance and ease-of-use shouldn’t change, regardless of who is logged in and on what device – the opposite of an app, basically.

Simple and effective

Of course, what we love about an app is tapping on our phone and being in straight away, without having to open a browser and start searching.

But it’s straightforward to add the Sugarvine Tables icon as a shortcut to a tablet or mobile home screen for quick and easy access.

And of course, this simplicity means checking your capacity for any given date is at your fingertips, 24/7.

This coherent and direct approach is mirrored throughout the system, with clean, easy-to-interpret display, intuitive features and simple navigation. This therefore means that the resulting lack of fuss and unnecessary frills translate into customer savings.

Compared to standalone apps, our table booking management software represents unrivaled value for money.

And the confidence we have in its potential for ROI means we even offer a comparison calculator to indicate how much you could save by switching.

pub table booking system shown on laptop

Ready to take more bookings and spend less money?

There’s no need to use an app to manage table bookings, or even spend thousands on developers to build your own, when the ideal choice already exists.

If you’re unsure, why not trial our live system yourself to see how cost-effective it is and how much repetitive admin it could save you.

To get started with a free demonstration, or to ask any questions of our helpful team, please contact us today.

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