We’ve given tips previously on how to get your restaurant ready for holidays like Christmas or one-off events like the Queen’s jubilee.

But for the longest lasting perennial – the school summer holidays – there are a number of steps you can take to maximise revenue.

Make the most of it by increasing your table bookings over the summer holidays with these simple tips.

How To Increase Table Bookings Over The Summer Holidays









Alfresco dining

Of course, it sounds obvious – but making the most of any outdoor space you have can encourage diners to stop by.

And if your website and social media show off your external seating and tables via vibrant images featuring happy customers, even better.

But as excessively hot weather occurs more often in the UK, remember that provision of adequate shading and water is also important.

Read our previous insight into the benefits of al fresco dining here.

Summer menus

For everything from succulent salads to refreshing sorbets, the creation and promotion of seasonal specialities will appeal to summer diners.

Think fresh and colourful ingredients, small plates for informal sharing and cooling drinks options.

And of course, plenty of ice cream options will always appeal to kids and adults alike.

Now that’s the food sorted, let’s discuss the drinks. Make sure to stock plenty of ice cold drinks including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, still drinks and the infamous iced coffee.

ice cream
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Child friendly

If you don’t already have one – a kids’ menu with smaller proportions will always be attractive to families.

Not having to be up for school in the morning may mean a midweek treat is a viable option, provided there’s something to suit all ages. Offering offers such as kids eat for £1 or even for free is a great way to bring family bookings into your restaurant.

Make sure your offering isn’t too exclusive and only designed to attract adults and weekend customers.


The best table reservation system

While the warmer weather will inevitably mean more walk-ins, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be fully booked on a given night.

But by utilising a specialist digital system to manage your bookings, you can calculate wait times and predict occupancy levels.

And by making repetitive tasks more efficient, it’ll free up your time to work on seasonal promotions and outdoor displays.

Find out more about the best value, easy to use booking system here. 

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Early bird specials

The evenings are warmer and it goes dark later – so there’s less desire to eat early and be in bed sooner.

Which means you can encourage people to book at earlier times with a discounted menu, before your later evening rush.

By making sure you’re not half empty for those first couple of hours, you’ll make the most of those longer nights.

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