We have previously discussed the benefits of using a table management system for restaurants and foodservice businesses.

And in reality, especially since the disruption caused by the global pandemic, there are several reasons it makes sense to use a simple reservation system.

Read on to see some of the standout benefits of a simple reservation system.









Easy for multiple users

No need to worry about deciphering a colleague’s handwriting or different ways of making notes in a diary – a simple reservation system is uniform.

So you’ll benefit from consistency and understanding between team members, even if they’re not present on the same shift.

And with individual logins and permissions simple to set, it’s easier to keep track of who has done what and when.

Aesthetically pleasing

And of course, without having to interpret scruffy scrawl, there’s also no need for that big dog-eared diary.

A clear user interface, accessible via fixed or portable screens means you can ditch the scraps of paper.

This means a more welcoming, less cluttered environment for visitors upon entering your establishment.

busy restaurant
neon hello sign

Fewer mistakes

If you’re no longer required to jot down reservations over the phone with the noise of a busy service in the background, you’ll make fewer mistakes.

And you can automate customer communications to confirm their booking, giving them the chance to correct any details in advance if needed.

Plus, if there’s a key detail that needs including – a food allergy or an accessibility need – this can be checked as well.

More accurate planning

If you know exactly what your occupancy is at any time of the day or evening, it’s easier to allow for walk-ins and calculate wait times.

Plus, over time, you’ll be able to export accurate reports detailing when your demands are highest.

This will enable better anticipation for things like staff scheduling and stock replenishment, resulting in a more cost-effective operation.

waiter showing diner dietary requirements on menu

Better communications

As well as the aforementioned booking confirmations, a simple reservation system can improve interactions between you and your guests.

For example, if a guest is running late, they can let you know via the platform in advance.

Or you can send an automated reminder for bookings arranged a long time in advance, in order to reduce the occurrences of no-shows.

Try a simple reservation system today

Of course, the above benefits sound tempting – but shifting from a paper-based booking system might sound like a costly commitment.

That’s why we welcome anyone to arrange a free demonstration, or to ask any questions by getting in touch with our helpful team.

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