The current cost of living crisis is putting a squeeze on all of our finances at the moment and restaurants are feeling it from both ends. As well as supplier costs increasing, restaurants are facing fewer diners and lower spending tables as their customers grapple with the rising cost of living. 

With that in mind, we’ve added a few tips on how to increase table bookings during the cost of living crisis. 

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Offer an offer

Anyone remember the success of Eat Out To Help Out? Well with prices on the rise left, right and centre everyone is on the hunt for a good deal now more than ever.

From early bird menus to happy hours, offering a discount or special offer at your restaurant is a great way to get diners through the door. Offers are especially useful during school holidays to try and get families to dine with you over your competitors. 

Likewise, offers are excellent news to shout about on social media or in a newsletter, boosting your brand awareness and giving your devoted followers something to share with their friends and family.

If you need a bit of offers inspiration check out the offers section on to see what other restaurants are up to.

Let’s get loyal

If you’re struggling to offer a discount during these challenging times then a loyalty scheme can be a fantastic alternative to keep customers coming back for more.

By offering diners a reward of some kind you encourage their repeat custom. Meanwhile, your venue receives the reward of their returning custom, win-win! Plus, as with an offer, a loyalty scheme gives diners something to shout about amongst their friends and families, hopefully getting more bookings and diners through the door.

Popular loyalty schemes can include anything from a free drink or bottle of wine after 6 bookings with you, 5% off your next meal after 3 bookings or a free dessert on your next visit – the choice really is up to you!

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Create an experience

As we all tighten our belts during the cost of living crisis, we’re unlikely to spend on something run of the mill or mundane. Instead, we’re more likely to venture out and spend our hard-earned cash if something seems like a unique, interesting experience.

So, consider setting up a unique in-restaurant event, offer a new, exciting menu, trial seasonal dishes – whatever you do just make sure you are shouting about it on your social media and newsletter so your customers know what’s going on and want to come down and check it out. Likewise, if your dining experience is a hit, your customers will share their own pictures and experiences on their own social media further boosting your brand and reaching a whole new audience.

When you use our table booking system, you will get FREE marketing on our dining guide, where we can promote your offers and events as well as sharing them on our social media channels. Want to find out more – contact us here. 

There’s no point putting all this effort into increasing table bookings if your diners are left on hold over the phone or with nowhere to book. By using our online table booking system, restaurants see a natural uplift in bookings by providing customers with 24/7 access to bookings. The best part? It’s a low monthly fee of £58 per month with no additional per cover charges so won’t add to already spiraling costs during the cost of living crisis. If you want to reap the benefits, call us on 01253 698328 or fill in the form below.

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