With table booking systems advertising a plethora of features, knowing what features you need can be confusing. We’re highlighting the must have features of an online booking system to make navigating online booking that bit easier.

Must-Have Table Booking System Features









Online Table Booking

Of course, your online booking system should allow your customers to book tables at your venue online: the clue is kind of in the name! But, before you sign up make sure your online booking system can be embedded on your website and comes with a link to share your booking system wherever you like. From social media platforms to email newsletters, it is vital that your online booking system is available whenever and wherever potential diners are looking.

With Sugarvine Tables we can help you embed our online booking system on your website as well as providing a link for you to share on your social media channels and any other marketing platforms you use. We will also embed your booking link on our dining guide, Sugarvine.com, to give your restaurant and booking portal maximum coverage.


Speaking of Sugarvine.com, marketing is a great feature to have with an online booking system. While having the facility to book a table online will automatically increase your covers, having a prestigious dining guide shout about your venue is a fantastic way to boost your covers further.

Marketing on Sugarvine.com is included free of charge to all of our Sugarvine Tables clients meaning you gain extra advertising as a bonus with our online booking system. And, unlike our competitors, we won’t run paid advertisements on your brand name directing your existing customers to our profile. Instead, just like our pricing, our marketing is free, transparent and built for you.

Our online booking system can also give a boost to your own marketing efforts as all customer details entered into our booking system are sent directly to you, boosting your subscribers (providing diners give their permission at the time of booking, of course).

Table Management System

With an increased amount of covers and diners brought in by an online booking system, you need a simple yet effective way to manage these bookings. Therefore, an integrated table management system is essential when using a table booking system. 

With Sugarvine Tables, all bookings made through our system are sent directly to your in built table management system so you can easily see diner details and tables booked for any night of service. We can also adjust table plans for you at any given time, enabling you to have a flexible table management system that works for you. The best part? Our table management system is included in our £50 a month fee at no extra cost! 

Deposits System

While we wish a deposits feature wasn’t a must-have feature of your online booking system, due to the rise in no shows in our industry it sadly is becoming increasingly needed. 

Sugarvine Tables allows you to take deposits, hold card details – both to charge if diners ‘no show’ or simply hold as a precaution, or take full payment up front, ideal for Christmas or large events for example. This way we can guarantee a reduction in no shows and protect your revenue when sadly no shows do occur. 

Want to find out more about how deposits can reduce no shows? Read our previous blog. 

Customer Support

Of course, as with any system, customer support is a must-have feature of an online booking system. When things go wrong, you need urgent changes or when you simply have queries about your system, you want to know that a friendly team member can help you as soon as possible. 

That’s why at Sugarvine we are proud to say that all of our support team are based in the UK and can deal with support requests within 48 hours. In fact, every Sugarvine Tables client receives their own dedicated support contact for whenever they need us. That way you know you can rely on us and our system so your customers can rely on you. 

These must-have features of an online booking system ensure your restaurant can increase bookings and offer a smooth booking service that helps you and your customers. If you want to reap the benefits of these must-have features, call us on 01253 698328 or fill in the form below.

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