We are delighted to announce that we have launched our new deposits system that is FREE and integrated with our online booking system. While the majority of restaurants welcome this latest industry shift after being plagued by no shows, there are some who are, understandably, sceptical. With that in mind, we’re running through the benefits of restaurant reservation deposits to see whether they really are worth their money.

The Benefits of Restaurant Reservation Deposits









Reduce No Shows

No shows are a constant drain on our industry. When a table of guests don’t show up, or cancel on the very last minute, it scatters your table plan for the night and leaves you playing catch up with covers and takings all night. Not to mention, the frustration of turning potential diners away on a busy night just for a table not to show. 

With 20% of restaurant bookings not fulfilled each year, that means a hell of a lot of empty tables, absent diners and therefore reduced income.

By taking a small, refundable fee or holding card details at the point of booking, restaurant reservation deposits help to reduce no shows to practically nil meaning more covers and therefore more revenue.

Secure Your Income

When a table doesn’t show, you lose your income; it’s as sad and simple as that. And, with no shows only materialising at the very last minute it is of course difficult to resell the table. In fact, you may have already turned away potential diners thinking the original table were showing!

By taking a small deposit that is redeemable against a diner’s bill, or holding card details that are only charged when a diner doesn’t show, you can secure your income and protect your business.

Plan For Larger Events

Deposits doesn’t have to be all about no shows though. Deposits, or a full upfront payment, can also just be taken for larger scale events such as Christmas Day or live music events. 

While this upfront payment method does still deter now shows, (after all who would pay for their Christmas Dinner and then not turn up?!) it also allows you to plan larger scale events, work out staffing requirements, order supplies and also estimate roughly how much revenue your event will generate.

Keep Your Staff

As a restauranteur you know the situation all too well: a large table has ‘no showed’ and you are left with fewer covers and therefore surplus staff. You send them home, or tell staff with imminent shifts not to come in, and they lose a portion of their income.

By adopting restaurant reservation deposits, you can secure your own revenue and therefore your staff’s wages, offering them security and stability and ensuring job retention. And, in the current climate of hospitality staff shortages, this has never been more important.

Customer Satisfaction

Last but certainly not least, what does the customer think of restaurant reservation deposits.

A large proportion of deposit sceptic restaurateurs are wary of what their loyal customers may think. There’s often a worry that deposits will deter regulars or make diners think you are cheeky – after all asking for money isn’t very British!

But, the majority of customers are actually more than happy to pay deposits or provide card details at the point of booking. Following lockdown restrictions, the public have been eager to get out and support their local hospitality industry, and, if deposits is the way to do that then the majority have shown the overwhelming support.

In fact, some say that having to pay a deposit assures them of quality service while others say redeeming a pre-paid deposit against your bill helps them to spread the cost of eating out.

Meanwhile, with our restaurant deposits system, taking deposits or card details is fully integrated at the time of booking. No phoning up to leave a deposit or dropping cash off at the restaurant. Instead, it’s a simple, secure and efficient way of taking deposits for you and your customers.

The benefits of restaurant reservation deposits are pretty clear, and the popularity and demand for deposits is only growing. If your restaurant wants to start reaping the benefits of reservation deposits and cutting no shows, call us on 01253 698328 or fill in the form below.

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