We know how it is, restaurant bookings over the weekend are booming but mid-week is scarily quiet. Those quieter times can be a worrying time for restaurant managers and, getting in table bookings during those quieter times can make a huge difference to your profits. Read our top tips on how to increase restaurant bookings during those pesky quiet times, and therefore how to increase your sales.









Use An Online Booking System

Seeing as we’re the best value online booking system on the market, this first tip may not come as a huge surprise. But, it doesn’t negate the fact that an online booking system is a great way to increase restaurant bookings. 

Using our online booking system, customers can view your menus, check opening times and book your restaurant anytime or anywhere. So whether they’re planning a mid-week meal weeks in advance or looking for a last minute lunch, your restaurant is ready and waiting for them to book. And, at just £50 a month with no per cover charges, our online system won’t leave you with a nasty bill after you increase your restaurant bookings. 

Introduce Special Offers

Whether it’s a mid-week happy hour or an early bird menu, special offers are a great way at increasing restaurant bookings during quieter periods. 

By advertising discounts for dining at quieter times you can either entice diners to eat earlier than they had anticiapted, hence spreading out your covers more evenly and freeing up peak time, or, you can persuade those who weren’t dining at all to treat themselves to a great food bargain. 

We can add your special offers to your dining profile on Sugarvine.com and advertise them on social media, all free of charge when you sign up to our online booking system. It’s just another way our online booking system works with you to increase restaurant covers and publicise your restaurant. 

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

If you’re going to have some fantastic offers during your quieter periods then make sure your customers know about them. From social media posts to monthly newsletters, keeping your customers up to date with your latest offers, events and general goings on is a great way to remind them of your restaurant and therefore increase covers.

With Sugarvine Tables, if a customer opts in during the booking process you automatically get sent their details for email marketing, helping you to grow your email database and therefore reach a wider audience.


Tell Your Customers You’re Quiet

Ok, so the age old customer service advice is never tell a customer you are busy with something else. So the same should go with being quiet, right? Wrong.

Whether it’s due to concerns over Covid-19, or other factors, some customers prefer a quieter restaurant environment. Therefore, advertising your quieter periods may make potential customers more comfortable dining with you whilst simultaneously increasing your restaurant bookings.

Diversify Your Restaurant’s Offering

The way we live, work and socialise is constantly evolving meaning your restaurant should too. While bookings for dining may be quieter during certain periods can you divesify your offering to cater for different needs.

Whether it’s hot desking and meeting space or charity and community events, there are always people looking for space, food and drinks and your restaurant could be the solution.

We hope our tips will help you to increase restaurant bookings during quieter periods. To find out more about how our restaurant booking system can help you to increase covers call us on 01253 698328 or fill in the form below.

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