While hospitality venues have now repopened post-lockdown, staff shortages have blighted the successful reopening that we all hoped for. Whether due to the so-called ‘pingdemic’, Brexit, or staff leaving the profession due to lockdowns, hospitality venues are being forced to shorten hours, reduce menus and in some cases close altogether due to staff shortages. Hardly the hospitality bounce back we had all hoped for. 

Here’s how our online table booking system could provide some relief when it comes to hospitality staff shortages. 









Save Time and Resources

Rather than having staff manning your phone lines or emails to receive bookings, our online booking system is fully automated. This means you can take bookings through your social media accounts, website or Sugarvine.com profile automatically at anytime of the day. Bookings are then instantly sent through to your table management system without you needing to lift a finger. 

The automated nature of our table reseravation system removes the need to have staff constantly manning bookings, allowing you to allcoate these staff in more important areas, whether that’s front or back of house. Our online booking system also allows customers to cancel their reservation at just a click of a button, again reducing the need to mann the phones but also reducing the possibility of you missing a cancellation request or diner ‘no shows’. And you don’t need us to tell you how much no shows are a drain on your resources. 

Plan Ahead

As a restaurentuer you know that some nights are busier than others. Therefore, some nights need more staff than others. Although there are certain patterns to this, occasionally your supposedly busy night can turn into a quiet night and vice versa, making staff management a nightmare.

With our online booking and integrated table management system you can clearly see how many covers you have booked in each night. This therefore allows you to plan ahead when it comes to the amount of staff you will need on shift and for how long. Meanwhile, it also helps you to communicate shifts and busy periods with your staff, resulting in a happier workforce. And, a happier team is bound to result in fewer staff leaving: win-win!

Planning Ahead
Recruit Hospitality Staff

Recruit Hospitality Staff

Ok, our online booking system can’t magically solve the widespread hospitality staff shortages that are blighting the industry. However, it can surprisingly help with staff recruitment.

One reason hospitality staff state for leaving the profession is poor working conditions. As already stated, our online booking system can help you to better manage the amount of staff you need on shift. Therefore you can improve workload for your staff as well as helping them to plan their shifts, and therefore wages, ahead. Reducing their time spent taking reservations can also help staff to focus on other areas in their hospitality careers such as progressing as a chef or delivering first class front of house service.

In addition to the benefits of our online booking system, we can also share any staff vacancies on our Sugarvine.com social media pages at no extra cost. This allows your vacancies to reach a wider audience and hopefully makes recruiting staff slightly easier.

So there you have it. By streamlining your processes, our online booking system can save you time and resources which in turn helps to combat hospitality staff shortages. To find out more, or to receive a free demo of our system call us on 01253 698328 or fill in the form below. 

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