As a restaurateur we know time is in short supply at the best of times. Add in the so-called pingdemic and staff shortages in hospitality, and this is even more true. Currently, ‘I don’t have the time’ is being cited as the main reason that restaurants, pubs and cafes aren’t signing up for our online booking system. Whether that’s time for a call, time to browse the system or time to get set up. But, what most don’t realise is that our online table booking system could actually save you that much-needed time. Read on to find out how (don’t worry, we’ll keep it short to avoid taking up too much time!).

Automatic Restaurant Bookings

Our online booking system does exactly what it says on the tin: takes table bookings online. A customer can book via your website, social media or profile and then that booking gets sent directly to you and added to your integrated table management system. That means there’s no need to worry about manning the phones or your messaging platform during busy serving hours or while you are closed, saving you valuable time and also staffing resources. Just think for a moment how much time you would save without having to respond back and forth to customer booking requests. Meanwhile, having an automated booking system is guaranteed to increase your covers as customers are able to book at their conveninence: win-win!

Automatic Cancellations

Ok, no restaurentuer wants to think about cancellations, but, it’s sadly a fact of hospitality life. Rather than having to respond to cancellations over the phone or via messaging applications, customers can automatically cancel their table reservation via our system. Again, this reduces your time spent on admin and the resources needed to process cancellations. 

Having an automated cancellation process for customers also reduces the possibility of the dreaded no shows, which are time-consuming amongst many other things we can’t say in this blog!

Integrated Table Management System

The time-saving elements of Sugarvine Tales don’t end there. As well as our online booking system you will also receive an integrated table management system included in your £50 a month fee. All reservations received through the online booking system pass straight into this table management system, saving you vast amounts of time processing table plans and, once again, cutting back on your resources.

Quick Setup

Finally, when you sign up to our online booking system there isn’t much you have to do. Simply tell us your table plans and pass us over some information and pictures for your profile and we’ll do the rest! 
The best part? We can have you up and running with our booking system in just 48 hours. That means you can be taking customer bookings and saving time just 2 days after giving us the go ahead.
As all of our staff and therefore our booking system support is based here in the UK, we can promise timely repsonses to all of your queries once you are set up with our reservation system. Therefore, you won’t be wasting time, and missing out on bookings, while waiting for our response.

So, there you have it. Our online booking system can save you time on top of money and resources. With that in mind why not give us some of your time by calling 01253 698328 and find out how our automated booking system can help you. 

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