Choosing an online booking system for your pub, restaurant or café can be a minefield, especially in the current climate when hospitality venues don’t have the time or money to spare. That’s why we’re ready to be up front with you and run through all the reasons why we are, and some of the reasons why we aren’t, the best table booking system.

Best Value Online Booking System

Now more than ever, money matters in the hospitality industry with restaurants, pubs and cafes alike are looking for any way to cut outgoings and increase profits.

At just £699 a year or £58.25 a month with NO PER COVER CHARGES, our online booking system is the best value on the market. No ifs, no buts. You won’t be shocked by your bill after a busy month, nor will you be stung with large recurring bills, just a transparent £50 per month.


Dining Guide and Marketing

Increased exposure and increased covers are essential for the lucrative running of a hospitality venue. At Sugarvine, you get both when you sign up to our online booking system. 

For no extra cost we will feature your website on our dining guide and share your venue and any promotional offers on our social media. But, and it’s a big but; we will never charge you for link clicks and will link directly to your website or dining guide profile. This is a large difference to our competitors who often run Google Ads on your brand name taking away direct hits to your website. 

With a combination of our online booking system and dining guide coverage, you can be sure you’ll be gaining more exposure and restaurant bookings: win-win!

Here When You Need Us

Hospitality venues move quickly, therefore, you need a booking system that can keep up. If you need to make changes to your dining guide profile, add tables to your booking system or adjust your backend table management system are on hand to do so. All of our team are based right here in the UK and, when you invest in our booking system, you are guaranteed a direct line, or email address, straight to them, as well as a prompt response.

Our support doesn’t stop there though. We know how tough Covid-19 restrictions have been on our clients. That’s why, throughout all 3 lockdowns we paused our client contracts. That means they didn’t pay for the months they were closed and will automatically have lockdown periods added to their contracts. Just another way you can count on us to support you. 

Check out some of our customer reviews opposite for extra peace of mind that we can be relied upon to give you the support you need.

“We were paying a huge amount of money for our previous online booking platform Quandoo as we were being charged per cover. Since taking up Sugarvine Tables we have saved hundreds of pounds per month with their flat monthly fee of £50. We have lost no covers and their back end system works well for us, as does their marketing. Service has been prompt too. I would recommend Sugarvine to other restaurants..”


Eric Ugur Kayan, Owner

Anatolian Grill, Manchester

“Sugarvine, for me, is an exceptional
and easy to use booking system which has moved our business forward in the last few months since using it. It’s far more cost effective than some of the more well known booking systems and their staff and owners are really helpful.”


Edward Douglas, Owner

The Lord Strange, Prescot

“We are getting lots of bookings through SVTables each month and there are no per-cover charges at all.”


Anne Cozzi, Owner

Da Gino, Sutton Coldfield

“SVTables is incredibly simple to use and bookings are easy to access, amend or cancel.”


Kenny Watson, Operations Director

Public Urban Bars Limited

The Best Booking Software

Ok, we’re going to be honest here. (Add honestly to the reasons we’re the best online booking system!) Our booking software is not the best. Others on the market may be more advanced with a lot more back end development. There, we said it. But, does that matter? Absolutely not.

Our table reservation system is a stripped down system removing some of the unnecessary (to most venues) bells and whistles that most venues don’t use yet have to pay for. Therefore, our software is simple and easy to use, making table management easier for restauranteurs and online booking a doddle for customers. Plus, our system integrates incredibly well with Facebook and WordPress allowing you to take bookings anywhere, anytime. So yes, we may not have all the high end bells and whistles that other online reservation systems have but the truth is, we do the job just as well (don’t tell them we said that!)

So, there you have it; just a few of the reasons we are the best online booking system. Don’t believe us? Call our team on 01253 698328 or fill in the form below to gain a free demo of our system (yet another reason we’re the best reservation system but we’ll be quiet now). 

For more information on SVTables or to try the live system call 01253 698328 or complete the form below:

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