Having worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years we know how much restaurant and bar managers have to juggle and how all systems must be reliable. Therefore, we know that restaurateurs can sometimes be sceptical about switching to an online booking system due to the go live time and any bumps in the road. But, we’re here to show you that switching to an online booking system is actually very quick and easy!

A Quick Response

Knowing how important online table booking and management are to restaurants and pubs we have a very fast response rate to enquiries. As soon as we receive your contact form or email we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Our team are well versed on all facets of our table booking system and can therefore answer any queries you may have and help you overcome any potential obstacles. No waiting for a call back, no being passed from pillar to post. We can even get you live with a free demo of our online booking system straight after our initial call so you can see the benefits of our table booking system for yourself.

A Quick Go Live

We know how important it is for your restaurant or bar to get moving quickly with new software. That’s why, once we get an agreement off you to proceed and a completed venue profile and table plan, we will get you live in 48 hours, even helping or setting up your booking interface as part of our setup service. That includes getting you live with our table booking system, table management software and a live promotion on our dining guide, Sugarvine.com. You can even expect a post on our social media channels about your venue within a few days of going live!

When you choose SV Tables there’s no waiting, no constant back and forth and no losing bookings. A quick, easy go live that means you can start taking table bookings as soon as possible. We’re even happy to start work with your venue out of your other contract with another booking provider and would only start the year with Sugarvine from the point your old contract ceases, thus giving the workout time for free and helping you to reduce excess costs.

A Reliable, Easy To Use System

As a restaurant or bar manager, we know you have enough complexities to deal with without adding an over-complicated, unreliable online booking system to the mix. That’s why we’ve created an online booking and table management system that is easy to set up and easy to use for both diners and operators.

For diners, booking using our widget is quick and easy to complete with diners notified of availability instantly, boosting customer satisfaction and preventing diners going elsewhere due to bad booking experience. Plus, unlike our competitors, our booking system doesn’t take customers away from your website to make bookings, therefore improving booking experience for diners. 

Meanwhile, for restaurants, the booking system couldn’t be easier from setup straight through to taking bookings. Set up simply includes embedding a responsive widget to your website and social media channels. Once the widget is installed, bookings are instantly sent across to you with full contact information, special requests and allergy information. All of this customer data is then added to your table management system so you can easily manage bookings. Meanwhile, if a customer signs up to your newsletter while booking, their sign up details are sent directly to your email. Thanks to its ease of use there’s no need to spend time training staff and no need to spend hours adding bookings to your table plan. Instead everything is automated for a smoother, more reliable booking experience for diners and restaurateurs, a must especially in the current climate. 

Always On Hand

At Sugarvine Tables we pride ourselves on our customer service and rapid response times. Therefore, should you have any queries once you are live and using our online booking platform, our team are always on hand either via phone or email to answer your questions and resolve any issues.

The same goes for updates to your profile on our dining guide. We know restaurant offers and important updates need going out as soon as possible to gain maximum traction amongst diners. Therefore, once we receive your updates we’ll get them live on your Sugarvine.com profile as soon as possible.

Should you wish to cancel our service for whatever reason, there’s no difficulty getting hold of us. And, as we only run a yearly contract that doesn’t auto renew, you aren’t tied in so it’s easy entrance and exit to SV Tables.

To hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, check out our client reviews over on Trustpilot!

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