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How our table booking system for cafes works for customers

It may seem an odd concept to book a table at the café. After all our cafés and coffee shops are typically somewhere we merely pop into. Or so they used to be. Now, they’re the home of lengthy coffee dates, a remote worker’s hideout, meeting spaces and community hubs.

Whichever category you fall into, grabbing a table at your favourite café has become all the more important over recent years. This is where our online booking system for cafés comes in.


No one wants to arrange a long overdue catch up to face a full café nor do regular remote workers want to face a mad dash for alternative space on a Monday morning. The option to book via an automated, online system therefore provides a layer of stability for our frequent café-goers that as customers in a fast-paced, tech orientated world we have come to expect.

But, the requirements for café reservation systems don’t stop there. As well as wanting to reserve a table at local cafés, customers will now expect a table booking system for cafés that reside in other facilities or locations. From golf course cafes to popular cafés in tourist locations, we all want to save our spot to make sure our experiences aren’t ruined by the inability to get a table at the most convenient, or must-visit café.

With our online booking system in place, customers can make a booking with your café 24/7 online. Whether they reserve through the booking interface on your website, your social media channels or your Sugarvine promotion, customers have instant, easy access to your café whenever they want.

Once booking is complete, customers receive an instant email booking confirmation. Email or SMS text reminders are also sent before their visit.

So, whether they’re booking their favourite local café or researching for their holiday, an online booking system ensures customers are not left disappointed and can truly enjoy local and destination cafés to the max.

The system is working very well and has dramatically reduced the time spend booking in customers and enquiries.
Darren Johnson

Owner, Lewis' Of Grasmere

How our table booking system works for cafes

At Sugarvine Tables, we understand that your café isn’t just a place for quick sips; it’s where memories are brewed and ideas percolate. That’s why our innovative table booking system is designed to enrich the customer experience, transforming every visit into a seamless encounter with your unique café culture.

We believe in customisation, not complication. Our system adapts to your café’s rhythm, ensuring smooth operations whether you’re a quaint hideaway or a bustling social hub. From managing peak times to accommodating those quiet moments, our platform supports the unique ebb and flow of your business.

Just as café-goers don’t want to face full capacity and refused entry on arrival, cafés are increasingly seeing the benefits of an online booking system.

With over 25,000 cafés in the UK, it’s fair to say that competition in the sector is rife. Therefore, as a café owner you don’t want to see your customers, whether local regulars or those from farther afield leaving your venue for a competitor’s due to the inability to reserve a table.

Our online booking system can help you manage capacity and organise table plans without compromising on customer experience and increasing your admin time. Meanwhile, by advertising an online booking system, cafés will see an increase in covers and bookings by offering customers the freedom to book whenever and wherever they want. From reserving meeting space or heading to the latest place to be you can be in front of your customers when it matters the most.

Our online café booking system consists of an easy to use widget that is embedded on your website and social media. Customers book at their own convenience and bookings are instantly sent across to you with full contact information for you to use for special requests or future marketing communications – if customers opt in, of course. All of this customer data is then added to your table management system so you can easily manage bookings.

Unlike competitors our café booking system doesn’t take customers away from your website to make bookings. And, we don’t charge per cover. Instead, we offer a transparent, one-off fee with no hidden charges so you can plan for our fee while increasing your covers and reducing your admin.

Click here to take a look at our Trustpilot reviews for our online booking system.

In addition to our online booking system, cafés also receive an easy to use table management system and free marketing through

Some online booking providers make you pay for your own customers by:

 Charging you commission for bookings made through your own website.

  Running Google Ads campaigns in the name of your venue that capture diners before they can visit your website.

Choose the table booking system with 0% commission and a transparent, one off fee.

What is the cost for all this?

Our table booking and management system costs just £58.25 a month, £699 a year plus VAT. With free set up, no commission or per cover charges and no hidden bills you can account for our charge and focus on increasing bookings easily and cheaply. 
No extra costs.        No hidden charges.
The system is working very well and has dramatically reduced the time spend booking in customers and enquiries.
Darren Johnson

Owner, Lewis' Of Grasmere

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