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Manage group bookings with our bespoke table booking system

Making group or large table bookings can be a pain, as a diner and a restaurant. Firstly, for diners, group bookings can often only be made over the phone taking away the quick, 24/7 convenience of online table booking. Then, for restaurants and bars, group bookings, while great news for business, can disrupt your table plan, skew your table time limits and be a huge loss of income if the large party don’t show.

With our table booking system, we offer the facility to take and manage group bookings as standard. This allows larger parties to book conveniently online while restaurants can adjust table time limits and take deposits for group bookings. All of this enhances the diner experience whilst simultaneously reducing the potential for no-shows and streamlining your restaurant’s group booking experience.

How group table bookings work?

Our group table bookings feature works to benefit both your diners and you. Here’s a bit about how it works.

Set table time limits for group bookings

As you will know, a large table booking will require a longer time slot than a table of two, let’s say. Therefore, when using our table booking system, you can set different time limits for group table bookings and smaller tables. That way, you can manage your bookings accordingly and avoid double or over-booking when you have a larger table booked in. Likewise, this avoids large parties feeling they are being rushed as there is adequate time to accommodate their booking.

Take deposits for group bookings

Any size of no show is bad news for restaurants, but a large group booking no show can be even worse for your business. Not only is it too short notice to offer the table to anyone else but it can also disrupt your staffing levels, both of which affect your revenue and disrupt your night’s service.

With our table booking system, you can request deposits or hold card details for all bookings, a particularly useful feature for group bookings. You can even choose to take full payment up front if it is for a large event or set menu. This protects your revenue in the event of a no show and helps to reduce the probability of guests not turning up. Meanwhile, if full payment is taken up front it can help streamline your service when you are hosting larger parties or tables.

Why use Sugarvine Tables?

Our group booking features are included in our table booking system. That means that for just £699 per year plus VAT, you can streamline your group bookings as well as reducing no shows, increasing covers and improving your overall table booking and management processes.

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What is the cost for all this?

Our table booking and management system costs just £58.25 a month, £699 a year plus VAT. With free set up, no commission or per cover charges and no hidden bills you can account for our charge and focus on increasing bookings easily and cheaply. 
No extra costs.        No hidden charges.
The system is working very well and has dramatically reduced the time spend booking in customers and enquiries.
Darren Johnson

Owner, Lewis' Of Grasmere

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