With every table booking system claiming to be ‘the best’, it can get confusing. Here we break down how Sugarvine Tables are the best value table booking system on the market and what that actually means. 

Low, transparent fee

First, and perhaps most importantly, our table booking system is available at a low fee. At £699 + VAT it works out at just £58.25 per month, making our reservation system one of the cheapest on the market. 

While many other table booking companies may purport a low monthly fee, some can come with hidden extra fees such as per cover charges or commission fees on table bookings. This is where our table booking system comes into its own. Not only do we charge one of the lowest monthly fees on the market but we also do not take commission or per cover charges; just a one-off, transparent fee. This means you can account for our fee and aren’t shocked by a high commission bill after a busy period of covers. Want to see for yourself how much you could saving by switching to our table booking system? Try our handy price comparison tool below. 

It’s not just our low, transparent fee that makes us the best value table booking system. We have a host of features included with our table booking and management system that add extra value for you and your customers.


No shows have been plaguing the hospitality industry for years, with tables that simply don’t turn up hugely denting a restaurant’s profits. At Sugarvine Tables, our table booking system comes with a deposits system built in for no extra cost. This means that you can take deposits securely online via Stripe or hold card details in case a booking doesn’t show (it’s your choice whether you charge, or not). We can even give you the option to take full payment at the point of booking, a feature that is especially useful for Christmas events or party nights.

Thanks to our integrated deposits feature, our table booking system not only helps to reduce no shows but also protects your revenue if the worst should happen.

Say hello to Sugarvine marketing

As well as an easy-to-use table booking and management system, Sugarvine Tables also includes FREE marketing. Yes, you read that right. When you sign up for our table booking system we will give you a free 12 month profile on our dining guide, Sugarvine.com. Featuring your venue’s menus, events, offers, link to your website and booking widget, our dining guide puts your venue in front of diners when they are looking to book a local restaurant, pub or cafe, expanding your venue’s reach and covers.

Not only that, we will share your restaurant’s profile on our social media platforms, further expanding your restaurant’s reach and putting your food in front of a whole new audience.

But, the marketing potential doesn’t stop there. When diners make a booking via Sugarvine Tables and opt in to marketing, their details are securely sent across to you. You can then use these details to send restaurant newsletters or invite them to upcoming events, nurturing your relationship with these diners and hopefully encouraging repeat bookings.

Want to take advantage of the best value table booking system?

These are just a few features that make up the best value table booking system on the market. Want to find out more? Book a free demo with our team who can talk you through all features you receive for just £58.25 a month.

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