When you sign up for our table booking system, you gain 12 months FREE access to our dining guide. But, what does that entail and what are the benefits of our dining guide for your restaurant?

What is our dining guide?

Our dining guide, Sugarvine.com is an online directory full of UK-based restaurants, pubs, cafes. When you sign up for our online table booking and management system, we include a FREE profile on Sugarvine.com. Here we put your venue, offers, news and events in front of the public who are searching for a restaurant just like yours. As well as your free profile, our dining guide contains a plethora of benefits that really help to boost the coverage of your venue. Want to know more? Read on to find out the exclusive benefits of our dining guide. 

The Benefits Of Our Dining Guide

inspiration gallery

Get inspired

Looking for a place to eat can sometimes feel hard work. Whether searching in an unfamiliar location or looking for a new favourite restaurant, our ‘inspiration’ gallery on Sugarvine.com can help diners find just what they’re looking for. Simply filter by location and/or food type and our tool will bring up a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars to match said criteria. Diners can then click on restaurant profiles to browse menus, read reviews and scan the latest offers before deciding on a place to book.

Sounds pretty handy for diners, right? While diners are left feeling inspired your restaurant could be left fully booked as when you have a profile on our dining guide you are automatically added to our inspiration gallery, placing your venue in front of hungry, inspiration-searching diners. Similarly, our ‘offers’ tab features the latest offers from venues on Sugarvine.com, again filtered by location and food type, giving you another chance to promote your restaurant in front of bargain-hunting diners. And, with your Sugarvine Tables widget embedded on your Sugarvine.com profile which is linked directly from both our offers and inspiration tabs, diners can browse and book your restaurant in a few simple steps, streamlining the experience for them and boosting bookings for you.

Collect reviews

As the saying goes, good news travels fast. Our dining guide allows diners to leave reviews about your restaurant which then appear on your Sugarvine.com profile. This is just one way our dining guide helps to spread the (good) word about your venue even further. After all, what encourages you to book somewhere more than other happy customers and some serious food envy!

Once these reviews are collected you can then share your feedback on your social media. Just check out this fabulous review of The Pheasant at Keyston which made for a 5 star Instagram post. 

the pheasant at keyston reviews

Build your audience

Your profile on our dining guide can contain links to your website, social media and contact information allowing customers to reach you anyway they like. Meanwhile, your table booking widget can be directly embedded to your profile, allowing immediate bookings. 

But, the audience building benefits of our dining guide don’t stop there. When diners book via your Sugarvine Tables booking widget, you receive your customer’s data and contact details (providing they opt in to marketing) for you to email market to. By building up your database, you can re-target these customers via email, building relationships with your diners and subsequently encouraging future custom. 

Want to take advantage of our dining guide?

Our dining guide puts your venue in front of diners when they are looking to book a local restaurant, pub or cafe. And, with our dining guide included for free when you sign up to our table booking and management system you don’t want to miss out. 

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