Moving from a paper diary to taking online table bookings is a big step for restaurateurs. But, despite it remaining a daunting transition it is extremely beneficial to your hospitality venue, staff and your customers. Read on to see some of the standout benefits of switching from a paper reservation system to an online one.









Reduce Admin and Save Time

Answering the phone or responding to messages from eager to book customers is all well and good but it takes up a large chunk of time. Time that could be spent on a plethora of other tasks from welcoming customers to planning new menus.

By automating your table booking via an online system, you can sit back, relax and let the bookings just roll in. Likewise, with our integrated table management system you don’t even have to worry about your table plan. Instead, bookings will feed through automatically allowing you to easily manager your upcoming service and plan accordingly.

Both of these features save you and your team time as well as saving your customers time thanks to our quick and easy booking interface: win-win!

Fewer mistakes

From mishearing customers to your colleague’s illegible handwriting, mistakes happen all too often when you’re relying on a paper diary. By automating your booking processes, you automatically eradicate mistakes like these and have a smoother, more efficient booking process. 

Likewise, if a customer books for the incorrect date or time their automated booking confirmation and reminders will likely bring this to light and allow for any issues to be swiftly resolved before arrival.

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Better service

Of course, fewer mistakes means a better service instantly for your customers. Plus, instead of waiting on hold or facing your voicemail when trying to place a booking your customers can book at their own convenience providing them with a high level of service before they even step foot in your restaurant.

Meanwhile, as you and your team are freed up from laborious booking admin by your online booking software, you can provide a better front of house service for your customer. Likewise, being notified of any allergies or special requests at the point of booking allows you to provide a smoother service for diners and make them feel more accommodated for.

Having your bookings integrated with a table management system also allows you to plan ahead. This means having the right amount of staff on shift for the amount of bookings you have a – a quick fix that means better service for your customer and more streamlined staff management for you. 

Increase covers

Hospitality venues who switch from a paper diary to an online table booking system typically see a 20% increase in bookings.

Thanks to a combination of convenience, increased online visibility, automated processes and immediate response times customers are more likely to book your restaurant if it has an online reservation system in place. After all, in our technological age waiting for someone to answer the phone to place any sort of booking seems like a bygone time. Customers now want online, convenient systems and, when they’re in place, will reward you with their custom.

By also being able to see availability for upcoming dates customers have the visibility to make multiple bookings and plan their visits ahead, encouraging repeat visits.

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Busy Restaurant

Reduce no shows

No shows are a constant challenge for hospitality businesses and a constant thief of revenue. By using an online table booking system you can reduce no shows and protect your revenue.

Firstly, thanks to automated booking confirmations are presented with quick and easy ways to cancel their bookings, making them more likely to cancel rather than ‘no show’. Meanwhile, automated booking reminders remove the likelihood of diners genuinely forgetting their table reservation.

Secondly, with a secure Stripe integration, our table reservation system allows you to take deposits, hold card details or ask for full payment all at the point of booking. This acts as a deterrent to no-shower but also protects your revenue in the unfortunate event that a booking doesn’t turn up.

Save money

One main concern about investing in an online table booking system is the cost. However, by using Sugarvine Tables as opposed to a paper diary you could actually save money.

First things first, our table booking system is the best value on the market at just £58 a month. With no per cover charges or unexpected bills you can plan for our cost and not be worried about unexpected, soaring bills each month.

Meanwhile, by reaping the benefits we have listed above such as reducing no shows, saving time, increasing covers and reducing admin you can cut back on your expenses and actually save money. It goes without saying that increasing covers and reducing no shows boosts profits for your restaurant. Likewise, reducing admin costs, planning staff shifts more efficiently based on real-time bookings and saving your staff time all contribute to the cost saving benefits of taking table bookings online as opposed to via pen and paper.

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With all of these benefits, and even more not listed, can you really afford not to make the switch from a paper diary to taking online table bookings?

At Sugarvine Tables, we acknowledge that moving from your tried and test booking method is daunting. Why not get in touch with us and we can address your concerns and even offer you a free demo of our reservation system.

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