You don’t need to be persuaded of the potential benefits of promoting your restaurant on social media – you’ve seen viral videos of mouth-watering desserts.

And you certainly don’t need convincing of the reach – billions of people have access to at least one platform, including virtually all your potential diners.

But where you may be struggling to start is with how to begin making more of your restaurant on social media.

Here are just five simple tips to help promote your restaurant on social media and start growing your audience online.









Post pictures and videos

Posting a menu on your socials is helpful to potential customers to give a flavour of what you offer – but nothing works better than a visual.

And you don’t need to pay for professional photography, just make sure your dishes are well presented and in plenty of natural light.

Plus for extra impact, experiment with video – a melting chocolate sauce or a delicious meaty gravy being poured always triggers the taste-buds.

Remember, nothing on social media is final – so if you’re not happy with the results, you can always edit or delete a post and try again.

Share customer content

Even if you’re not quite up-to-speed with taking pics and videos of your food, your customers will be.

On social media, if you don’t post it, you didn’t eat it – so take advantage of this by keeping your eyes peeled for any tagging of your accounts.

Facebook and Instagram stories are regularly flooded with food content, so if you get tagged in anything complimentary, re-share on your account.

And don’t be shy about taking the opportunity to send a direct message and ask for a positive online review, while they’re being nice about you.

person taking photo of food on an iphone
Person reading a newspaper

Necessary news

Be sure to share any important news – especially if it will benefit your customers.

The immediacy of social media means it’s a great way to share an unexpected closure, roadworks or building work.

As well as celebrating your food, it’s just as important for customer confidence to manage expectations.

By keeping your customers informed and up-to-date, you’ll help avoid negative sentiments or diner disappointment.

Exciting updates

For the more fun updates, social media is also ideal – so post any seasonal menus, new specials, promotions or drinks offers.

This can help build buzz and anticipation for your followers, who may even tag friends and share your content.

And eventually, you may even end up with a regularly engaged audience that checks back in regularly to see what’s new with you.

waiter showing diner dietary requirements on menu
chef putting finishing touches to food

Show behind the scenes

You can really bring a restaurant to life by showing its story – whether that’s content highlighting ingredients and suppliers or even staff.

Showing the development of a dish, or the preparation of fresh seasonal produce can really build your brand and add authenticity.

And if they’re willing, highlight your staff – the people who will welcome your customers, take their orders and make their food and drink.

Do more with social media

If you’re keen to do more with social media and make the most of your restaurant online, then being featured on our dining guide could help. As well as your online profile, we will share your restaurant, offers and events on social media to boost your reach and help you reach a wider audience. 

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