After the huge impact felt by the hospitality sector over the last couple of years, it’s been a relief to see a return to relative normality.

But with the rising costs of produce, supplies and energy, margins are tighter than ever. Which means that any system that improves efficiency by reducing losses and increasing repeat business is a vital addition.

Here are just five reasons why you need a table management system to add value to your business.









Less admin

As you already know, running a restaurant or establishment without a table management system requires a lot of ‘in person’ administration.

Time spent answering the phone, replying to emails, leaving voicemail messages and so on is time away from other essential tasks.

By automating some of these tasks you can reduce the demands on your team and add convenience for your customers.

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A table management system can make it easier to reassign tables to new customers and add walk-ins. That means you’re less likely to lose revenue to no-shows or rearranged bookings.

It also enables you to set time limits for tables during busier periods, meaning customers can be informed in advance of availability.

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Tailored communications

Rather than a rushed verbal confirmation over the phone and a scribbled message in a diary, your customer communications can become clearer with a table management system.

With email and/or SMS confirmation available, you can keep your customers informed without having to take the time personally.

And to retain that personalised level of service, you can customise your comms to make them more tailored to individuals.

Bespoke diner information

As well as an assigned space ready and waiting for diners when they arrive, a table management system can offer more for customers.

Any information on special access needs, allergies, dietary requirements or other requests can be included in their diner profile within the system.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can prepare accordingly to make the customer experience more seamless and satisfactory.

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Increased engagement

From an automated booking confirmation, reminders nearer the date and follow-up comms, you can stay in touch with customers better.

And, a table management system can integrate with your existing tools to enable better interaction with your customers. Meanwhile, if you’re consistent, helpful and relevant without being intrusive, you’ll increase your chance of repeat business.

Think you need a table management system?

Even beyond the five listed above, there are several benefits to a table management system.

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