Pre-Covid ask who needs an online table booking system and the majority would say restaurants, and restaurants only. However, Covid-19 has changed pretty much everything about the way we live our lives, including the venues that need an online table booking system. Read on to see the new industries that are now relying on an online booking system: some may surprise you!

Student Unions

Although this one may come as a surprise, when you think about it, student union’s need for an online booking system is pretty obvious.

Students typically gather in student unions, but, sadly, under Covid large gatherings can’t happen. Therefore, an online booking system helps student unions to manage table numbers and control capacity at peak times, keeping the student union, and in turn the entire university campus, Covid safe. Plus, don’t forget, universities have a tech-savvy student audience who will be well accustomed to online booking meaning the transition is pretty slick!

One of our most recent clients is Frenchays, the Student Union bar at Bristol University who have embraced our online booking system and, along with their students, are reaping the benefits.


Ok, so this one isn’t brand spanking new, but Covid has definitely accelerated the need for pubs and bars to use an online booking system.

Pre-Covid you would maybe find the occasional pub or bar that relied on an online booking system, perhaps due to their popularity or central location. However, with Covid-19 limiting capacity pub-goers want to guarantee a table so they can enjoy a few drinks with friends (or your household, as per restrictions). Therefore, an online booking system is now pretty much the norm for pubs and bars, whether that’s the modern cocktail bar or your trusty local.

And, the same goes for pub and bar owners. The current restrictions on hospitality are hard enough to manage without the added stresses of last minute table planning or having to turn guests away. Add to this that taking bookings in advance also helps pubs to rota staff effectively and reduce admin and it’s clear to see why bars have accelerated into the online booking field











Leisure Facilities

From golf clubs to leisure centre cafes, we’ve seen a rise in the need for leisure centres to use an online table booking system.

Venues such as this have a two fold problem. Firstly, they have people turning up for their leisure activities, such as a round of golf or a game of badminton, and then dining. Secondly, they’ll have guests purely turning up for food or drinks. While some leisure facilities opted to close their eateries for guests who don’t have memberships with them, or even close eateries altogether, others saw the need for an online table booking system. That way, venues can require both leisure members, and non members, to book the café or restaurant and therefore take more bookings, boosting profits. It also avoids disappointment for the public whose experience at these venues would otherwise be diminished by closures due to an inability to function Covid safely without an online booking system.

Picture shows Food Creations At Bathgate Golf Club who have recently started using our online booking system.

It’s clear that Covid has increased the need for all industries to have an online booking system, from restaurants to student union bars. And, although Covid May have accelerated this leap, it’s unlikely the need and desire for them to use an online booking system will go away post-Covid. For one, consumers are getting used to this ‘new normal’ way of dining and drinking, and, pub and restaurant managers are reaping the benefits sewn by an online table booking system.

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