Restaurants may be open following the UK lockdown, however, that doesn’t mean they are fully booked. For a start off, social distancing is halving capacity for most bars and restaurants, therefore limiting the amount of bookings that can be taken. On top of this, with COVID-19 sadly still present in the UK, diners are also very wary regarding the safety of restaurants, cafes and bars thus reducing booking numbers even further. So, how do you encourage restaurant bookings during COVID-19? Read on to find out.

Have An Active Social Media Presence

This may seem like a strange one to start with but think about it: how often before booking a restaurant or visiting a new bar do you check out their social media beforehand?

With COVID-19 safety concerns, members of the public are relying on social media more and more to inform them what safety measures a restaurant has in place and therefore whether they deem it safe to book.

So whether you use a handy video, high-quality photographs or detailed COVID policy posts, make sure you keep your would-be diners up to date with all the safety measures you have in place, it could be the difference between them booking you and your competitor.











easy to use booking system

Have An Easy To Use Booking System

With social distancing in place and limited restaurant capacity, gone are the days of restaurant walk ins, for now at least. Having an easy to use booking system is crucial for diners and restaurants navigating the post-COVID world. 

Firstly, for diners having an easy to complete, responsive booking widget directly in front of them on your website, Facebook page or dining guide is an extremely convenient way to book, therefore improving diner experience and increasing the likelihood of booking. 

Meanwhile, for restaurateurs, receiving a table booking straight through to your table management system allows you to better plan for the number of diners and therefore free-up more capacity should there be any available. Plus, sending an automatic booking confirmation straight after a completed online booking allows restaurants to provide details of COVID-19 safety restrictions, thus reassuring diners and ensuring they know what to expect upon arrival.  

Get Promoted On A Dining Guide

Posting on your social media channels is great way to engage with existing diners and potentially their friends and family. However, if you’d like to really increase restaurant bookings then being promoted on a dining guide offers unrivalled coverage and results.

With thousands of social media followers and an online directory full of amazing restaurants dining guides have a massive audience that could be looking for a restaurant just like yours. With the ability to refine your search by location, cuisine and restaurant, a dining guide can help put your restaurant in front of diners when they are searching for a restaurant just like yours, opening you up to new diners and increasing your bookings. Alongside mouth-watering images of your food, dining guides, such as, contain all the details of your restaurant including booking widget, contact details and directions.

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking, splashing out for promotion on a dining guide isn’t feasible with the current financial situation that COVID-19 has brought upon restaurants. But, coverage on a dining guide needn’t cost the earth. At Sugarvine Tables we offer our table booking system, table management system and marketing on for just £699 per year plus VAT, with no per-cover charges.

promotional dining guide

If you’re looking to increase restaurant bookings, get in touch with our team. We can help you to increase covers and reduce admin with a one-off transparent fee.

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