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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Sugarvine Tables?

Sugarvine Tables is just £58.25 a month or £699 per year with no per cover charges. Just a simple, transparent flat rate.

What is included with Sugarvine Tables?
How long does Sugarvine Tables take to setup?

Once we have the go ahead from you, we can get you live with our online booking system in just 48 hours.

Who can use Sugarvine Tables?

Our online booking system is designed especially for the hospitality industry. From restaurants, bistros and pubs to hotels and tapas bars, thousands of venues up and down the UK are using our system. We also offer discounts for pub groups. 

Where can I take bookings with Sugarvine Tables?

Anywhere and anytime! You can embed our online booking widget on your website, Google Business Listing and social media channels.

Can I customise table plans?

Yes, you can tell us how many tables and table joins you would like adding to your booking system and customise this as and when you need to.

Can you show me a demo of your system?

Of course. We are more than happy to walk you through a demo of our system before you sign up. We are also happy to offer walk throughs of the system for you and your staff once you have signed up. 

Can I take deposits with your booking system?

We now have a simple yet effective payment and deposits system that is fully integrated with our table booking system. Take a deposit up front, full payment for an event or hold card details to charge (or not charge, it’s your choice) in the event of a no show. Powered by Stripe, you and your customers can know that all payments taken at the point of booking are fully secure.

This is just another way Sugarvine Tables helps you to secure covers and reduce the chance of no shows, thus protecting your revenue.

Is support included with your booking system?

Absolutely! Every single venue that signs up to our table booking system are given a dedicated point of contact to help with any technical issues, answer your queries or simply just update your menu or offers on All our team are based in the UK, sunny Lytham to be precise, so can answer your queries quickly and effectively.

You can find out more on our UK-based support here. 

Does Sugarvine Tables include marketing?

Yes, when you sign up for our table booking system you will automatically be featured on our dining guide, This personalised restaurant profile can include menus, offers, your table booking widget, a restaurant bio and links to your social media telling new, prospective customers everything they need to know about your venue. We will also share your venue and its offers on our social media channels, introducing you to a whole new audience. All of this is included in our £699 per year price. 

Why should I choose Sugarvine Tables over other table booking providers?

Put simply our table booking system is the best value on the market. With table booking, table management, dining guide promotion, deposits and much more included for just £699 per year with no per cover charges, it is far better value than other booking systems on the market. Plus, it’s easier to use and more streamlined for your restaurant, meaning you spend less time on admin and bookings and more time serving your customers.

You can find out more about the benefits of our table booking system here. 

What do your customers say about Sugarvine Tables?

Over 80% of people who sign up for Sugarvine Tables renew after 12 months. Plus, our customers love how easy to use our system is and our low price point. 

Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews on Trustpilot. 

Who owns my customer's data?

At the point of booking our system will ask customers for their name, email address and telephone number. We then pass these details over to you so you can use them to contact guests about their booking and, if they have opted in, use their details for marketing purposes. That way you own your own customer’s data, aiding with your marketing efforts. 

Can I have different booking periods on your booking system?

Yes, we can set up different booking periods for you. For example, we can have separate booking periods for lunch and dinner or even weekdays and weekends.

Support for Prospective Customers

We know that signing up for a new table booking system can be a daunting experience. If you still have questions about our table booking and management system please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The system is working very well and has dramatically reduced the time spend booking in customers and enquiries.
Darren Johnson

Owner, Lewis' Of Grasmere

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